Technical SEO

Technical SEO

The key to any successful Search Engine Optimisation strategy our technical SEO services will ensure your website meets the necessary requirements set by search engines to rank higher organically


Website Structure

Creating a seamless site structure is crucial for both user experience and search engine optimisation. Your website’s architecture forms the bedrock of your content delivery, setting the tone for your entire business.

We’ll ensure that your URLs and site presentation follow a clear hierarchy, facilitating easy navigation for both users and search engine bots. Smart and concise category pages guarantee that every section of your site remains just a few clicks away from the home page.

Consistent and inventive internal linking will be integrated throughout your site, ensuring smooth navigation while maintaining functionality. Ensuring all links are active is paramount; broken internal links impede search engine crawlers, diminishing your chances of ranking highly on platforms like Google.

Lastly, implementing an XML sitemap offers search engines a comprehensive overview of your site’s structure, particularly beneficial for larger e-commerce platforms, aiding in better indexing and understanding of your content.


Crawling & Indexing

Search engines employ robots to navigate websites, including yours. Therefore, it’s essential to construct your website not only with user-friendliness in mind but also with ease of navigation for search engine crawlers. A robust system of internal links serves as an excellent starting point for achieving this.

Upon reaching your website, the search engine robot prioritizes locating a robots.txt file. This file, in conjunction with your XML sitemap, must be correctly implemented to facilitate seamless crawling by search engines. Failure to do so can severely impact your rankings, as your site may become inaccessible to these crawlers.

Conversely, proper implementation of the robots.txt file assists search engines in fully exploring your site while respecting any pages you wish to remain hidden. Once crawled and analyzed, your site’s data is indexed, ensuring that your content appears in search results for relevant queries.

Rest assured, we’ll handle the technical aspects to ensure your site is optimally configured for search engine crawling and indexing, even if the intricacies may seem daunting.


Website Speed

In today’s digital landscape, users expect rapid and seamless content delivery, whether they’re accessing websites from a desktop PC, laptop, or mobile device. Surprisingly, nearly half of web users are inclined to abandon a page if it takes longer than two seconds to load, leaving your site with little room for error.

To ensure your website doesn’t deter potential visitors with sluggish loading times, we utilize various tools to conduct audits on your page load speed. These tools enable us to pinpoint areas of concern and compare your site’s performance against competitors, ensuring your site remains competitive in the online space.

Once we identify the factors contributing to slow loading times, we implement targeted solutions to enhance your site’s speed and attract more visitors. This may involve optimising image sizes, utilizing caching more efficiently, or streamlining scripted code to streamline performance.


Creating a Secure Website

Search engines prioritize indexing websites that prioritize safety and security, ensuring optimal user experiences. They value businesses that prioritize safeguarding customer information and personal data.

To enhance your website’s security and bolster your reputation with search engines, we implement several measures. This includes integrating SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which fortifies your website with a protective barrier for your users. When users see “HTTPS” in the browser bar preceding your website URL, it instills trust, signifying integrity and authority.

Beyond fostering user trust, SSL also fosters trust from search engines themselves. Given the significance search engines place on safety, websites lacking a valid SSL certificate are unlikely to secure a prominent position in search results, potentially hindering their visibility on the first page.


Sparce and Duplicate Content

Thin content poses significant SEO challenges as it typically lacks substantive text, leading Google and other search engines to deem it unvaluable for users. This encompasses scraped content, where bots extract material from other sources, and autogenerated content, generated by programs rather than human authors. While such content may contain keywords, its lack of coherence renders it irrelevant to users, consequently diminishing its perceived value by search engines.

Our focus is on crafting content that adds genuine value, driving conversions, and aligning with user intent to foster repeated engagement.

Duplicate content further complicates matters, as search engines struggle to determine which version to prioritize for organic rankings or indexation. This issue is particularly prevalent in e-commerce sites where identical products may appear across multiple pages. To address this, we implement canonical URLs to guide search engines in identifying the preferred page. In instances outside of e-commerce, any duplicate content is promptly removed to ensure your website attracts targeted organic traffic.